Re-invention of “Million Dollar Homepage”

A few years ago (I think around 2005) there was a huge website, the guy sold a pixel for a dollar… he sold a million of them… and became a millionaire (obviously). This was the million dollar homepage, something people have tried to emulate and multiple occasions, generally without any success!
Then a few months ago I was chatting with a developer (Kirsty Burgoine) about a project she has been involved in, and how she was making an attempt to re-create / re-hash the million pixel script for a charity website (Jakarna Wildlife Trust).

I am happy to say the obstacles Kirsty came across have been overcome and expectations of my own exceeded. The “million pound map” as I have dubbed it, asked for a £10 donation in return of a adoption of a piece of land in a Kenyan wildlife reserve.

At this point I want to congratulate Kirsty for her work on this project. And encourage everyone to go and adopt a little piece of land 🙂

Further than this I want to extend my thanks to Kirsty for her awesome work alongside myself over the past few months to bring a number of sites from a rough sketch / design on my screen to what I must confess are some of the best sites I know of.

My absence of fear over breaking conventions is one which I have never hidden, however I don’t think it was ever really unleashed until the most recent project myself and Kirsty attempted … Spirit Beauty Salon is a modern, clean and crisp design with a few twists in design to ensure interactivity and making the user feel at home, as well as features to ensure the site is easy to recall to a friend. Case Study: Coming Soon

(I feel this “speech” has gone on too long, so one last thing)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next project of myself and Kirsty 😉