On 1st November, in the early hours, SEO Andy migrated it’s domain to it’s new site. The final step in a process that has been a long time in the making.

, A Relaunch That Is More Than Theme Deep

What & Why

We have moved from a self-hosted WordPress solution with our amazing friends at CloudAbove UK Hosting to the SquareSpace platform. 

We had looked closely at other options such as WIX, VIRB & GHOST – but ultimately the reliability and simple to use interface of SquareSpace is what really won through.

Our choice to move from WordPress was one driven in part by the fact that alone I have dealt with the WordPress maintenance and updates over the years. The site has been around since 2008 and now has around 700 SEO and Marketing articles published, each update causes one bug or another – ultimately for one man this was too much to ask, as well as maintaining a number of other sites.

More Than Skin Deep

Obviously with the move of platform came a whole chunk of work – we’ll explain the process in a few blogs over the next few weeks. But this really meant we could remove some old “junk” from our site and re-focus the site on what we really want it to be and want it to offer.

SEO Andy has always been about helping business owners and website owners to grow the websites they care for, help them grow their skill base and that’s now reflected in our tagline “GROW TODAY” which greets visitors on our homepage. It reflects what our content is focused on and always will be, it reflects where we want to drive SEO Andy in the future and why whilst we are embarking on new projects this idea is at the heart of them and this relaunch.

The new website put the reader and content first. Click into a blog (like this one) and you will soon see that there is no messy sidebar to confuse you or distract you. Its clean simple and minimal. It’s content and value focused.

We know the new site isn’t perfect, but the old one wasn’t either. We know the new site needs some optimisation to really improve the impact it has in a few ways, but as we roll out new features that will happen. And we know that whilst we’ve made every effort to keep our legacy content – we’ve cut a bunch of articles and are going to cull some more, not because they are harmful if you implemented what they say but simply because we can now offer better guidance, so we will.

We hope you enjoy the new website and all it has to offer.

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