, Have You Adopted Mobile for Your Business? It’s Time!Did you know that by early 2014 the number of mobile internet users had surpassed desktop users? If that surprises you or you think “thats early” then you will want to read on. (officially it was 2016, it depends who’s research you – i’ve seen numbers in years across 14/15/16).

This article is all about why your business should be looking at mobile for lead generation and sales growth. Ultimately, it’s not too late to start if you haven’t already – but you are starting behind the curve in most cases so it will be a big push, but here are some key reasons for you to adopt mobile for your business today.

  • 69% of email newsletters are first read on mobile devices.
  • 44% of people want to see vouchers & offers in mobile ads.
  • Today almost 60% of web searches are from Mobile devices.
  • 30% of these searches are for / in the local area (i.e. within a mile).
  • 73% of mobile consumers are more likely to share a site if it has a good loyalty scheme.

Facts About Mobile Marketing

, Have You Adopted Mobile for Your Business? It’s Time!

Special thanks to WebsiteBuilder for allowing me to share this great infographic.

Want to get to know the statistics around mobile vs desktop web usage in more detail, check out this smart insights article.

If you’re interested in driving mobile sales and leads down the rails, and need a helping hand – get in touch with Andy.