Week One is Over – 30 Days Without Google

Well it’s been a week and to be honest it is getting incredibly hard to not use Google for things. From search to checking ranks to finding links to a site and even using webmaster tools … it’s beginning to hurt.
A week in and I’m starting to find that going to bing.com means I have to wait a minute or so for that stupid image to load, optimised by backside! But thank fully life is made easier by the little search box in internet explorer! mercy!
Another huge issue has been image searching, something I do a lot of these days and bing means slow as it eats up my bandwidth (mobile internet) and sucks the life from everything else I am doing… I tried yahoo but results are rubbish compared to Google and Bing.

Other than this is it affecting me?

Yes, I can’t use my mobile browser and I can’t check my emails on the go! I think this is what hurts the most, knowing I am not upto date with all my emails and I have no idea what is happening with my clients when I am out and about! That Sucks.

I also have a sore back and shoulder …. apparently if you ask facebook this is withdrawal symptoms Google.