Sprinting Towards a Website Redesign – Digg’s Redesign

Digg was arguably the most successful social bookmarking tool of it’s day. It had millions of users voting up and down stories – it was pretty awesome. If you didn’t know what Digg was it’s a bit late now as Digg sold the company in chunks to various other tech companies. Since around that time Digg has been unavailable with the promise of a new website and system!
Yesterday the “New Digg Team” blogged what is a preview of V1 of the New Digg.

Rethink and Redesign Digg

Now usually I wouldn’t blog about this kind of thing here on SEO Andy, its more something I may comment on using facebook, twitter of google plus – but I wanted to highlight a few things about this particular case.

Unlike most companies betaworks, who took over the Digg website and databases, have decided to be open and clear about what they invasage for a new Digg – they are calling it “Rethink Digg“. The reason I highlight the name is that betaworks see this work to renew Digg as more than just a simple redesign. It’s a rethink of everything about Digg, how the systems works and most importantly how people interacted with Digg.

As part of this move to be open betaworks issues the preview (linked to above). What is really nice about this preview blog is that it goes deeper than most companies would let you see. It shows you how a rethink of a website and redesign go from being sketches on a note pad, to being screenshots of mock ups, and still to come how this translates into a Beta version of the website.

mock up of rethink redesign digg v1

Although this method is common, it doesn’t often get aired on the web and so I just wanted to share this.