Corporate Blogging, Whats That For?

The idea of blogging for myself, and others in the “internet world” is about giving people the inside track on what is going on. For example this blog gives you the inside track on SEO helping you and your websites to move forward in the race to be an all star number one google hit. Corporate Blogs are usually about a PR person giving you a load of poop about how amazing a company they are, but Adidas have broken from the norm with the launch of their first corporate blog, the adidas group blog.
Launched on August 1st 2011 – according to Jan Runau, the adidas Group’s Chief Corporate Communication Officer, the purpose of the blog is to “to provide authentic insights and additional background about our company“.

Corporate Blog of Adidas Group

Since it’s launch the blog has done just that. It has had a fair few employees from various departments writing posts on everything from everyday tasks to new projects to the experience of working for the Adidas Group. The blog it must be said is fairly revealing and does give you a great insight into the workings of this global company.

Actually the blog launched internally in August and on 17th November went live to the public. This raises the question of why this was done, was the blog meant to be internal only originally or were they building up content such that the blog be a more fore-filling experience. I suspect it was the later. It was a very clever marketing move and means that visitors to this “new” blog can find lots of information to engage with – very well done to Jan and the marketing team on that one.

Now whilst Jan says it is meant to reveal lots of internal activity you can be assured everything is vetted on this and other such corporate blogs from global brands. So don’t expect to see an employee talking about bad experience, because it just won’t happen. To me this is a bit of a shame, I am sure the marketing team wanted to show transparency in their workings (without of course revealing trade secrets)  but that I believe can’t be done in this kind of “closed wall” everything vetted environment … we can only hope the team aren’t to strict in letting a few things through.

This blog launch has left me with a few questions about corporate blogging, and maybe you can help. Should a company blog just the good stuff, or should they blog the good and bad things? Personally I think honesty is the best policy and the warts’n’all approach should be taken with corporate blogs – as long as the good out weighs the bad that is. What do you think?