In Short: Personal Branding on the Web

With Social Media booming, the world of Personal Branding on the web has become something of a hot topic for myself when talking to some clients. Indeed, lets just say there are some interesting thoughts and experiments coming out of these discussions. Today I want us to think about Personal Branding (or public relations) and how it fits with SEO. Now, lets take a look at the strategies of each simplified:
Personal Branding / Public Relations

<h4>Building a list of journalist, writers, editors etc</h4>
<h4>Targeting each piece (if its a politician each piece is about something they have done, is happening or otherwise - basically each piece has its own little audience)</h4>
<h4>Targeting each piece to contact list (editing bits of a piece to appeal to a certain contact or audience they represent)</h4>
<h4>Send It (getting it out into the wild)</h4>
<h4>Measure success (was it published, covered by a newspaper etc)</h4>
SEO (eg Link Building)

Find a few sites in your niche

Gather a group of keywords based on your niche (eg website design)

Write Blogs / Send Emails ( focusing on the keyword / key phrase)

Measure success (was it published, visitors make it to your site etc)

Ok, so by now I hope it’s pretty clear that SEO and Personal Branding online are well matched, one can play into the other very well. And with the world of social media bringing more people to potential news sources, combining SEO and Branding in this way will certainly continue to grow and form the future of only personal branding and corporate branding.