Wrist Donuts vs Other Wrist Supports

Around 2 years ago I wrote a post about a product I had just purchased, the Wrist Donut – you can read that review here. Last week I finally admitted that I needed to replace my wrist donuts. So I wanted to update you on the product and tell you a little more about how it beats the gel pad” wrist supportshands down.
You maybe wondering why if I’ve already wrote a review I am doing it again. The answer, I hope, will become evident in what I am about to say.

Prevent RSI

The Wrist Donut is a simple, lightweight (about 30g) wrist support which in my opinion is still the best on the market. It wraps around your wrist, like a watch or bracelet though not as snug, and supports your wrist regardless of the position of you arms (or their angle). I know gel supports in theory do this, but when you are like me swapping between machines and laptops all day you don’t want to carry a wrist support around because not all machines have them. These are so light weight that after about 5 minutes you don’t realise they are there – indeed I’ve travelled home with them on before getting odd looks, it was only when Sarah told me i had them on I cringed somewhat.

So other than that is there a difference? Yes, at least to me there is.

A while ago I was given the gel pads, most offices use them – they are like part of the stable diet when you are doing a health and safety assessment for RSI (I am sure some people carry them around for this need). Anyway it was ok for a few weeks, then my RSI flared again, this hadn’t happened properly since I first bought and used my wrist donuts. So erm, well I stopped using the gel pads, things began to get better but I am still waiting to get back to the stage I was at months and months ago. So the difference to me at least, is that the wrist donuts allow myself to have the perfect support for my work in moving around, where as perhaps if you were at one desk or machine gel pads could be better? what do you think?

So why am I replacing my wrist donuts if I love them so much?

Well after 2 years, as with all things, they were looking tired and some of the cushioning had gone. But they were still in working order. Anyway, recently I took to chewing on them when in meetings, not only did it look a little off putting to others in the meeting but it made holes in the fabric of my wrist donuts. *cries* – so after 2 years I decided to replace my donuts, with more donuts – the only difference I went for a green fabric and not blue.

Anything else impress me about this RSI Busting donut?

Yes! 2 years ago I paid £10 for a donut, today the price is just 20p more! How is that for awesomeness. The company who make the wrist donuts (MA Design) are truely great too, I’ve spoken to them a few times over the past two years and they really do a great job. Customer service is awesome as is recognised by their customer feedback on Amazon and their own website.

This is a simple device, it’s lightweight and ultimately its amazing. So don’t buy each computer or machine / device 2 new gel pads! Buy each person some Wrist Donuts, prevent RSI and be awesome!