Week One – Almost Over Google

So its been almost a week since I broke up with Google. It’s been a week of withdrawal symptoms and failures as I attempt to perform tasks for clients I can no longer do for them (such as analytic’s) … further to that the biggest pain has been my forgetful being forgot to export my contact list … so with my memory somewhat … rubbish I suppose I’m stuck and not only that but I can’t deal with half the stuff I need too.
Apart from that it’s quite easy….

or not! – I am used to checking emails on the go, checking facebook from time to time, nipping to a website or two for business and then doing a little note taking or maybe even recording a few sounds … but I can’t … thats part of android not the phone system. I’m back to 1999 and just text and calling people – to be sure my communication has upped this week.

Further than this Chrome has been my primary browser for a while now (since it launched in BETA) and to be honest I want it back … firefox is sluggish (at best), safari seems to crash every minute or two, and IE8 … well I like using it I won’t deny (i’m a pc) but it can’t cope with 25 tabs at once without an issue … at least not on my machine.

One last thing… most browsers appear to default to google for any address bar search regardless of what you set it as… deja vu appear to be IE’s frav method of using google … I want to use Bing c’mon IE it’s your search engine promote it!

Ok maybe this is the last thing, Bing can be painfully slow to load (on every page) … especially if your using mobile internet! Bing Bongs too much and fails to understand local business like Google can.

So now let the No Google for 30 Days continue on…. 2nd of Jan I will open Google with Pride.