social intranetToday social media is a new buzzword for businesses and companies, which help in networking, sharing information, forming online community and managing the brands reputation along with other things like crowd sourcing and social CRM. In fact, you have a big list to follow when it comes to using social media for business purposes. One of the key phrases you must be hearing a lot these days includes the employee engagement. With this idea a good amount of focus is given over the methods of engagements. Now, companies and businesses are seen measuring the ways of leveraging the social technologies to engage one of their key people- the employees. With this you could hear terms like company or corporate intranet, which is nothing but a platform wherein the employees are seen managing their professional activities including money transactions, life events, career and even health. Now with social media, the intranet has reached to the next level wherein you could see a blend of static content and social technologies. These are meant to improve their day to day activities thus making them more productive, efficient and engaged in the company. This is nothing but social intranet. So, when it comes to implementing the same in your workplace, you are supposed to follow the below given social intranet. Let’s check them out:

Adopt it with a right purpose

You will find everyone doing this including the novices in the business world. In fact, it is very much simple to adopt this new and innovative idea in the company; however, if you intend to do it effectively you need to embrace the same with some foresight. Unlike the way you invest in any software, it is vital to move ahead with your social software initiative in a steady way along with considering it objectively by chalking out a clear business case that helps in defining the purpose of your investment along with a measurement system to know the success rate. By considering this social intranet initiative program for a longer run instead of short term ones; you could set forth realistic kind of expectations for your employees and other people. This will help you in maximizing the opportunities to showcase value and embark with some kind of change.

Initiative less of technology more of people

Though the software solution would come in a form of technology, however, its adoption is only meant for the people in your organization. Hence introducing a tangible social intranet initiative is less about technology and more for your employees, which will help them to motivate them to work in collaborative and social formats. However, bringing out this change would require a support from different levels of your management team. Hence the entire company should pay attention in this paradigm shift. Also, getting encouragement from the apex management too would play a key role in this process. If you see your business leaders within your organization leading social life with an example, try leveraging the same.

Combine your separate business strategies

If you are planning to implement your social intranet initiative in your company better make sure you consider this strategy in a bigger context of your complete network and content management strategies. These should imply both on paper and in practice and also for the things you are implementing and the ones that are already on place. A number of bigger and medium size workplaces or companies would fail to see any kind of connection between the different technologies and several existing working teams. Hence it is important to choose a single vendor to implement and support the tools and different strategies for this initiative. This should come up with qualities like openness and proper migration capabilities found in between different platforms along with getting the support for the open benchmarks for things like interoperability and integration.

Measure your efforts

A competent social platform is always backed with a capabilities and features; however, you being the owner (important part) of your business organization should avoid launching them straight away (at one go). It is wiser to avoid presenting before your employees with all the things on the very first day especially when there was hardly any such initiative taking place in the past within your organization. The best bet therefore is to start implementing the changes in your organization gradually. Your employees should be able to understand the different features of this particular social intranet initiative. And as they slowly and steadily start practicing the same you then introduce the complex features to them. This gradual approach of implementing the social intranet in your company could help the employees to use it effectively along with giving proper feedback to the management.

Final word

Implementing the social intranet over any workplace has become important considering the number of its benefits. However, when it comes to implement the same, the above guidelines can help you the best.

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