Customer Management Through Social Media – Does It Work?

Social media has completely transformed the way people communicate; it has changed the way world functions. Most of the businesses have created an efficient social media presence. Undoubtedly, social media is one of the most splendid platforms for connecting with people. Does it work? Of course it does!
How to use the social media platforms in the best interest of the business?

Here’s how

For the business organizations that are looking forward to communicate more freely and directly with the customers it’s not as easy as just creating a business page, there’s much more to that. For embracing the global reach of social media, the business must create content management strategies that can be perfectly synchronized with the social media activities. However planning on the strategies is just the beginning. For leveraging the power of social media successfully; the marketing departments must redefine all the strategies. Gone are the days when a company only used to create a descriptive email for sending to the prospects. With the evolution of social media, the web world is no longer limited to a one way dialogue.

The fundamental change is largely driven by the social media; this goes on to say that marketing for any organization needs to undergo changes at the tactical and structural level. The goal of marketing must be to create an environment that solicits the reactions and behaviors of the customers and is receptive towards them.

In order to take complete advantage of the social media power, you need to answer the following questions before creating any marketing campaign:

  • What is the new content strategy?
  • What would be the impact of the change in strategy?
  • Which part of the strategy will help in establishing a good conversation with the customers?
  • How can we bring about versatility of mobile devices for amending the marketing endeavors so that they fit the customer needs?
Content Strategy

In the past, marketing professionals used to develop yearly plans and create a database of materials, images and other collateral through which it was possible to turn the prospects into customers. However, in terms of today’s business world, it is important to establish a new content management strategy that makes it possible to establish a two-way conversation with customers. In terms of a social media program it is important to establish digital assets for supporting the sales and marketing activities. Here, the key is to organize these digital assets in such a way so that they enable mass customization and respond perfectly to the changing markets. These assets would be the content that you create in accordance with your website niche.

Harnessing A Relationship

The marketing concept is based on a two-way process. It is true that establishing a long lasting relationship with the customers is also not easy, however was much more difficult in the past. With the introduction of the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace has completely transformed the playing fields of the marketers. Online surveys coupled with the social media websites work perfectly in terms of closely monitoring the user behavior and it is also possible to adapt the customer whim in the real time.

By securing a two-way dialogue with the customer; the company has a better understanding of the personal habits, buying patterns and various other factors that drive purchasing. Knowing, understanding and analyzing all these factors enables the companies to provide the customers with an uniquely customized outreach. In a way, the marketing department in is a better position to establish a one-to-one connection with the customers that drive the sales.

Most of the times the companies are not successful in their marketing endeavors as they lack the vision of going beyond gathering the customer profile data. Social media websites provide with a unique opportunity to the customers in terms of strengthening the relationship between the customers and the company. This is an obvious fact; however it is mishandled at times. It must contain information so that everyone related to your niche finds something for themselves.

Personalizing Your Message

The shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing has a dramatic effect on the functioning of your marketing department. In the past, companies used a marketing automation platform for creating a strategic belief, building a campaign and developing supporting collateral for determining the metrics in order to measure the success or failure of the marketing campaign. However, in reality this is a manual process that is cookie-cutter oriented.

Social media has opened the doors for new marketing tactics that are customized for specific types of customers. It provides with an opportunity for customizing the two-way dialogue between the company and the prospects on the basis of their profile data. Understanding the customers and their requirements will help the companies to create marketing assets that appeal to every individual customer, instead of making them generic for mass audience.

Working On Your Social Media Opportunities

What you need to follow on a daily basis?

Be Attentive : As a company, it is important to speed up all the conversations related to the business. There are some instances where the companies fail to monitor the information during the ‘non-working’ hours; this might create problems at times. It must be kept in mind that most of the people have access to internet 24/7 therefore you have to be alert in terms of any negative posts regarding your company that might hit the web during the weekends or during the non-working hours. Attending such posts immediately is important as it doesn’t take time for them to spread.

Dealing With Complaints: You might receive complaints at some point of time, how you handle them is extremely important. If you receive a complaint, deal with it right away instead of getting back to it afterwards. A fast feedback will help you to win back the customer.

Educate The Customer: Social media is also a free platform for educating the customers. Take complete advantage of the networking tool for providing quality information to your current and potential customers in terms of the products/services provided by you. For instance if you are operating a webhosting business, use the social media websites to educate the customers on prominent web hosting platforms, server specifications, different webhosting platforms etc. In this way people will start considering you as a leading source of information on that particular subject.

Social media has a wide spectrum for both buyers and sellers for getting the best. If utilized in the right way, social media will help you to move towards brand loyalty and a stronger customer base.

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