What was the last piece of content that you thought “that was good” or “well i didn’t know that” about someones service…

I bet it’s not often because most content, a bit like this text can be dull and boring. Who wants to read paragraph after paragraph. Not many people. Who has the time even?

Earlier I stumbled upon a new video from Virgin Atlantic, targeting parents who use their service. Now all the information is already on their website in easy to understand text – as you’d expect from a great website – but this video is really nice and it’s not just someone speaking to camera or a lot of shots of holiday locations. It’s a fun way of doing things, that I think would really connect with Virgin Atlantic’s target audience as well as getting across some key sales points. Take a look for yourself.


But Virgin as a brand are epic at this kind of thing, it’s not just when it comes to sales either.

A while back i discovered these Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic Safety Videos. I think they express again how Virgin looks at things differently and wants to connect with it’s customers and ensure they become loyal by making them think ‘oh yeah, that was cool’.

This kind of fun video will always be accompanied by the lovely air stewards in the aisle (no doubt) giving directions to your nearest exists. This said the videos are pretty engaging, and I suspect even for a young teenager it would be attention grabbing enough and memorable enough to make an impression – job done, both from a safety point of view and marketing.

Well done, Virgin.


Not using video to sell your products or services yet? here’s 4 reasons why you should be…

  1. In general mobile users are more likely to share videos and watch videos. And there are now more mobile users than desktop users – check out my blog here with the stats!
  2. As you can see it, it can really inject some personality and life into what can otherwise be dull and boring content. Who wants to read when you can watch and listen! Plus its easier to taken in and recall… make it memorable.
  3. You can use Video to boost your SEO through use of youtube and social media, it can also be used to drive much more traffic and gain new leads and sales.
  4. It makes users feel more connected with your business, this will make it easier for people to buy from you. Dull and boring, being of no personality makes it hard to connect and trust! Don’t be that person.