Kickstart 2017 with a boost to your Facebook page, get your brand seen, your product talked about and your services sold – lets boost your Facebook credentials the easy way. It’s time you mastered Facebook.

Below are 5 fantastic guides to everything you need to know about Facebook marketing, from Adverts to Creating cover images and much more. They can be pretty in-depth and will require some time, but they really are the easiest way to get to grips with Facebook marketing and the way you can master Facebook faster than your competition.

So set some time aside right now, this January and February and get learning.

Facebook Mastery Video Courses

Facebook Ads & Facebook Mastery 2017 Guide on Udemy, this course is the best selling Facebook advertising course on udemy and not without great reason. It’s simple explanations and demonstrations make it perfect for anyone looking to get started or get to know ads a little more. It’s not really for those who want advanced skills but it’s about ensuring you have the all round skills to do everything and the ability to win with your facebook page, not just with adverts.

Using Facebook Live to Go Viral, this video course is about using Facebook Live video effectively to get users to engage with your video and use the reaction buttons to help your video go viral. It’s aim is not not only help your video go viral but help build your Facebook brand such that you can reach 100,000+ fans. 

Both of the above courses are £10 until the 10th Jan 2017 when they return to their normal prices which are significantly higher than this.

Facebook for Business Mastery Video Guides – FREE!

How to Find Proven Content Ideas that Will Work on Your Facebook Page, YouTube Guide by Kimberly Ann Jimenez

How to Upload Videos to Facebook with Colette Nichol

How to Spend Your First $100 on Facebook Ads, with Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Learn Facebook Mastery from The Book!

Here are 3 really cool books that I recommend you read to get to grips with Facebook marketing and online marketing in general. They are really affordable and good to have even if you don’t need them right now.

Master Facebook Marketing – only £7 at time of writing.
Profitable Social Media Marketing: Facebook – currently £8
Make Facebook Work for Your Business – currently £8

Learn Facebook Marketing from Awesome Bloggers!

There are probably millions of articles on mastering Facebook for small businesses, bloggers etc – below are just a few of the best I’ve come across, found something better – let me know.