Once again I have been lucky enough to be featured in .net magazine. Last time I took part in the design off section of the magazine. In issue 230, this time, an article I have written about how user experience is a part of search optimisation.
web design magazine - seo article

The topic of Web Design and SEO working together is a question we’ve talked about previously a few times, including a post by Aaron Irizarry about designing for optimisation. It is one of my favourite subjects to talk about and has become something of a subject I am known for, with most clients being told to straighten up and fix parts of their website design to increase conversions.

If you would like to read the article, it can be found in issue 230 (august 2012) of Net Magazine available in shops for a few more weeks yet and available online at netmagazine.com.

If you have read it, do feel free to ask any questions you have here or on twitter @andykinsey