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Popping up via a “toaster” notification in Google Chrome I was alerted to the TestMyWebsite service from Google for webmasters, and I really wanted to quickly share it with you.

You can get it it via

, Test Your Website wth Google

In essence this is a new skin for the Google Page Speed Insights tool many website developers have used for a while, but it also comes with some cool functions like emailing reports (though it can take an hour to get that email currently), and from what I can see actually the insights are much more powerful and user-friendly if you are non-techie.

All you need to do is insert your website address / page url, hit test now.

It will test the url, and ask how you want your results. Always get it emailed to you, just for future reference. Then scroll through the results instantly too. 

, Test Your Website wth Google

, Test Your Website wth Google

The results will never be perfect, and if they are test another page or two.

Also remember that what is great today won’t be in a few months so always come back and check your results on a regular basis as the standards and requirements change often. 

These results are clearly what Google considers good for its search results and for it’s users, so to score well its a good idea and goal.