10 Secrets of Online Selling

Selling online is not easy normally, and even less so in this economic down turn. But with the use of 10 simple seo secrets to online selling you can not just improve your online sales by a few percent but by a huge amount.

<h4><span style="color: #3366ff;"><strong>It's About The Product!</strong></span>

Just because you spent hundreds or thousands on a nice shiney new ecommerce website doesn’t mean that your potential customers are interested in it. Your visitors are there for one thing your product, so sell it … stop faffing with adding new features and cluttering the product pages, nice simple descriptive content with an awesome picture – it will sell.

Get Marketing
This website is dedicated to marketing websites and companies. Think about how your customers find your website and products, generally it will be a search – what search terms do they use and can you leverage this knowledge such as to obtain more visitors for them (and duplicate the success for other search terms).

Market Offline, Even if You Only Sell Online!
Sounds a bit odd but think about it, everyone knows Amazon and Ebay … but why? they do a lot of offline marketing. Other stores such as K&Co (formerly kays) and Very sell online only but are known through offline marketing from bill boards to tv ads. If you can’t afford those don’t worry, get yourself some amazing business cards design and then get those business cards printed professionally. Get yourself some stationary and use it well, if you send something out have a leaflet about your company (it will likely sit on a coffee table for a few weeks constantly reminding people of your brand).

Build Trust in Your Brand
It is hard to be the best, and being the best makes people buy from you, its why brands get to the top of a market like nike when there other perfectly good trainer manufacturers like hi-tec. Building trust is not easy but you can start with an “about us” page, have you contact details on there including a physical page if you are selling products. Join social networks and have conversations, don’t just sell but talk to people. Join ISIS, TrustUK, SafeBuy and also join a review website such as TrustPilot (such reviews will appear on your Google Places page and Shopping Items).

Use Proven Technology
If you are a start-up don’t be tempted to build your own store, this is not the easiest or most affordable route. Use something that is available to the market and can be used off the shelf or with customised themes, if you are wanting more affordable use Open Source script like PrestaShop (its free), going up market consider Shopify (pay monthly) or if you want control on your desktop maybe try Actinic (one off payment).

Don’t Forget Old Customers
Customers become loyal and return only when you talk to them, give them amazing service and don’t forget them. If you haven’t set up a mailing list do so, its your doorway to their inbox. You can send them newsletters with amazing special offers and the latest news about all your amazing products. If you customers don’t get contacted within 3 months of purchase you are as good as forgotten.

Sell Sell Sell
Your website is about selling products so sell. From the first second a visitor arrives it is your job to make them convert into a sale. Use banners use text make your best sellers sell. Don’t ask them to register for the sake of it, don’t ask them for an email to sign up to a newsletter to see your content – people will just hit back at the first barrier and that is a lost sale. Remove barriers and make it easy.

Make it work for sales not for looks
One of the most annoying things across the web is that people make websites that look nice but don’t work. Many times I see ecommerce websites or even just information websites which yes look spectacular but thats it, they don’t convert and don’t make the company any money – indeed the look good in web design galleries but just cost money to run. Make a site that works for you not for your designer. If you can do both, great.

Selecting a Payment Provider
Choose a payment provider which people know and trust, paypal for instance is instantly known and trusted (just one button and everyone knows they can trust it, for example Piano Tuition Hyde’s Gift Voucher section). Once you have one see how it works then add another and see if conversions increase, try SagePay and Google Checkout amongst others. Also if you use an on-site checkout integrated to your site ensure you have a SSL certificate.

Use a Great Hosting Company
A great hosting company means a faster website loading and not slowing down when lots of people visit at the same time. It doesn’t have to cost the world and you certainly dont need to be an expert. Look around get the best you can, if you need help ask your friendly website designer