5 ways to improve your SEO campaign

Whether you have a new website, a redesigned website or maybe you just want to increase visitor numbers and conversions… here are 5 methods to increasing the effectiveness of your campaign. This of course is the reverse of last weeks post, ways to ruin your internet marketing campaign.
In to whichever category you fall you will find that competition is touch and on the increase, market share of all businesses are declining (as is the market size), lower profit margins are being used and lower budgets are given for marketing activities. From this point many companies are, understandably, taking SEO and other marketing campaigns in-house – in the hope it will mean the budget can go further. Sometimes this is the case, at other times going in-house can really really hurt the website and cost a lot more in the long run. However, I’ve written this post for both in-house seo’s and agency marketers, they can all be implemented at relatively low costs.

    Make it Local – the chances are that you are already doing this naturally, especially if you are a local business (such as a beauty salon). However, even if this is the case or if you are of course a larger national/international business you will need to really concentrate on this. If you are a larger business try setting up unique pages for certain locations, so if you have multiple offices have a single page for each, if you are international have one for each country. If you can get down to a local level you are win win win, especially given Google recently made a move to increase the visibility of  local searches (indeed I don’t think many searches appear without a map now). Further to this making it local means that if a local person lands on your website they feel at home and welcome because there is the little connection with something or somewhere they know.

    Quality Content – now i’ve seen people ramble on about how lots of content is amazing for a website, and how you should have as many pages of content as possible. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Content is King! Quality Content! is his wife and together they always go. If you do not have quality content you do not have a website, you merely have a bunch of content that no one will ever be interested in and certainly won’t convert. So quality over quantity please.

    Be Personal – a mistake that is often made by marketers and internal content providers is that they forget to be personable. The tone of the content is as though they are giving a speech to a board meeting in which they maybe fired. This “strict” voice means that you are alienating most of the internet audience. It is fine if you are a business to business website, in which you are dealing with more “formalised” companies. But if you are dealing with consumers don’t take this tone, as soon as a bad tone is sensed a user will switch off and generally leave your website. So be kind and caring in tone, keep it warm and friendly.

    Improve Your Internal Structure – many websites that have existed for years have a dreadful internal structure, from linking strategy, to none seo urls and more. Spending time and some money on improving the website technically will really help your seo campaigns, it means content is easier to find and access, plus it means that you can “force” a search engine to update it’s index of your website (in theory).

    Increase Website Speed – this is something that is often over looked. However, it is clear search engines, in particular Google, are giving this more importance. This does not mean it is taken into account for ranking however. Increasing speed may not currently help seo but it will help user experience, making sites faster to use and more instantaneous to the user and in theory increasing conversions. If you want to know what Google thinks of your website speed? See Google Webmaster Tools.