When it comes to setting up backlinks to a website, any company or SEO Management firm that promises an overnight success with link building is yanking the proverbial chain.
All the old adages will ring true in internet marketing success. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The same can be said of building a well connected website. “There is no free lunch.” It will be necessary to find a competent, truthful and reliable local SEO search strategy specialist. “There are no get rich quick schemes that really work.” There are many trustworthy groups like for example, Local SEO Search Inc that can create a long term, successfully backlinked, and well crafted SEO driven website strategy. Many of these services abound today. You just have to carefully explore your options and keep the following points in mind.

Some fallacies in the link building world to keep in mind and to avoid:

  • Initially, it is best not to use multiple strategies for backlinks.
  • Universal sizes do not work for all clients.
  • Using the endeavors that a good public relations team would use to create content is not a wise investment of resources. It is better to invest in checking up on the content that has already been written by the agency to see what links have not been generated.

Other areas to consider are niches and angles.

Cast off the notion that building links is no longer relevant.

This is a myth that has grown recently and it most likely is in the best interest of content managers, public relations, and marketing firms to sidetrack and pull business away from the very vital and successful campaigns. Google still says that relevant links on web pages are driving rankings up for those sites with them. It is still beneficial to link with quality directories, page citations, brand links and resource listing.

It is important to have a plan. It is not good to set fire to the trash pile and forget to bring a shovel and a bucket of water on a windy day. The idea that just showing up with a new content idea without making plans as to what, where, when, and who will be a part of the attack will just lead to stale content. The team must be prepared to match the new content with outreach for prospects and networking so that replies and good placement are assured in a timely fashion. This might look like a great high profile tweet from someone special rather than just an invisible email reply.

Underestimating the power of Excel and single lists for each client’s backlinking project is inefficient too. It has become a time saving tool to use the copy paste functions with Linkclump where up to 100 Google search prospects can be entered at once on a single spreadsheet page in less than a second. Keeping things relevant to a particular client in one space makes life easier for that project to be managed.

Making relevancy notes in the adjacent columns helps to keep things fresh and organized. Deleting duplicates can also quickly be managed in the Excel ‘remove duplicate,’ function.

Having no prioritization plan for prospects using metrics is also inefficient. Do not exclude or rank prospects based on minimum link thresholds. At one time, some of the most popular sites such as BuzzFeed or Vice had no ranking. Ruling sites out could cut off the nose to spite the face as these sites are now flooded with emails and can no longer read one from a prospecting SEO firm,(hint, hint). A list is best prioritized by authority metrics in a top to bottom list of site. This allows for the best to emerge as they will by merit.

Neglecting Outreach Prospect management is another wasteful practice.

Emailing promotional content in mass to various clients might seem like a good plan, but it leads to chaotic messes over the course of the coming weeks and months and even years. There will be varied responses that require varied actions or even the rejection of further contact.

A ‘save place’ or ‘place holder’ method would go much further for this cause. When growing a relationship, it would make sense to remember the particulars about a relationship rather than show up as completely awkward and in a stupor of forgetfulness. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool in email will assist in picking up where a relationship left off rather than starting over arbitrarily each time a contact is made. Simple Outlook folder organization can work or using the free Streak for Gmail tool can also provide this efficient step.

Falling prey to the notion that Email templates are spam is counterproductive.

Although it is true that email template can be read in most cases as spam, are sent to the trash, or even black listed is a reality. However, a well crafted, more customized, email template can be a time saver and will not be seen as spam if a few adjustments are made. Allow for personalized greetings and sentences with space for making one or two sentences completely individualized to the person receiving the email.

Using arbitrary contact email address is a wasteful practice for link building and internet marketing. Contact details are a key efficiency builder if they are accurate and provide accessibility to useful prospects. Managing that email list for website contact information is an effective use of time that will yield great results.

Forgetting to follow up is highly useless and self-sabotaging behavior.

The follow up is a key element in nurturing the bread and butter in local SEO search. Every contact has other things to do. However, just because the emails sent in follow up do not get a response, does not mean that there is no local interest.

There are so many inefficiencies client management and their back links. Refusing to post their content on the company’s social media sites is one of them. Sometimes mutual favors are the keys to great success. Another inefficient practice is not building a black book and organizing it in perpetuity. Any positive event between clients and web managers should be documented. Being adverse to monetizing and turning a profit is highly inefficient and sophomoric. Only fools think that money is evil in business or in life. Some people are evil but money is money. Google ratings on sites will be lower with any SEO that involves money promos. Taking advantage of the funded web forums with advertising fees paid for posting will garner no-followed links by paying a fee. It is a great way to get attention as these sites will absorb the content if it is helpful and relevant by paying for a service instead of a link up.

Taking the phone contact up with clients is well worth the struggle to reach a comfortable level with them. Confidence is a key characteristic of a solid sales person. Keeping a positive tone rather than ignoring phone contacts is a winning game plan. Also, when a client says they have no audience, it is counterproductive to believe that. There are many online discussions taking place about all types of businesses and that is an opportunity to run with. Lastly, allowing work done on outreach to fall by the wayside is a wasteful practice. After applying a process and getting no results, a simple adjustment is often all that is needed to turn it around.

In Conclusion

Be open-minded about SEO crossover in genre, terms, and content sharing from similar areas of interest. In a more inclusive style, bring in marketing, finance, sales, pay-per-click, e-commerce and social media. In SEO, it is all about casting a wide net for more fish.

Author: Louise Cruise has been in the web development industry for more than 5 years. She has worked with different web development companies giving her enough experience to create websites that match her clients’ business needs and preferences.