Building Your Brand – Marketing Services

Over the past few weeks you will have read a lot about branding, and over the next few weeks this will continue. But this week I want to introduce some new services that we can offer at exclusive rates through our mother company, Andy Kinsey Designs.
Our Marketing Packages start from an amazing £350 – thats around £50 extra on top of a fairly simple site for a lot more!

Our packages can be customised to meet you needs more closely, but we think we’ve got most companies covered, if not buy an add-on, if you still can’t find what you want then make an enquiry and leave the extra bit as a message/comment for us – we’re always looking to expand and something you want may also be something someone else wants!

And here’s the exciting bit!

We know that we can fill your need, but we also know we can fill that of many other businesses.

It is through this belief we are today opening our referral scheme.

Our scheme is so easy, there is no sign-up required just ask those you refer to enter your email as how they found our services! – thats it, we will then contact you about your payment. – Also we have no minimum payment requirements, aka we won’t hold your money hostage like some referral companies.

What Will We Pay? Here’s the great news!
For spending between £0 & £250 – We pay 10%
For spending between £251 & 500 – We pay 7.5%
For spending between £501 & £1999 – We pay 5%
Over £2000 – We pay 2.5%

So tell your friends about our services and give them this link – you won’t regret it 😉