25 Top Tips for SEO Success

25 Evergreen SEO Tips for On Going SEO success beyond 2019

Content is King, quality over quantity. Keep it focused on your theme.

Links are vital, build a wide and varied back-linking network.

Do NOT be obsessed with PageRank, PR is only a part of the search ranking algorithms (even for google).

Fresh Content, impresses search engines and users!

Click Here links, are rubbish! link text should be informative.

Phrases NOT Words, focus on key phrases and not words (eg. “store” should be “manchester clothing store” )

Design for SEO, you sloud avoid 3rd party scripting where possible.

Use ALT tags, make your images search able too!

Use Title tag, rarely used in link this tag allows you to describe further what the anchor text starts.

Canonicalization Issues, decide whether to use www. or not and add a 301 to the other!

Homepage Links, ensure that every page of your site links to your homepage.

Broken Links, not only annoy users but also search engines, avoid them.

Do NOT use Frames, iFrames are not indexable by search engines, forget them.

Extensions do NOT matter, whether .html .php .aspx etc it doesn’t matter to a search engine.

Quality Backlinks, yes all links matter, but some more than others. Try to get authoritative links from your niche.

Natural Writing, is one thing a search engine wants. Write to the person not the search engine, don’t keyword stuff!

Ease of Use is Key, simple navigation and style is often better than showing off. For both the user and the search engine.

Link Love, if someone gives you a link ask if they want one back, if you see a site you like or could be of interest don’t be a link hogger, link out.

It takes Time, your seo efforts can seem empty, but practice makes perfect.

Be found Naturally, if you have time on your side let the search engines find you, don’t submit your site until you need too.

Use a Sitemap, help direct search engines around your site, it makes life easier.

Use robots.txt, tell search engines where they can visit, and also direct them to your sitemap.

Social Marketing, is a part of SEO… treat it like link love.

Analytics Matter, they can give an indepth look at what people do on your site, this means you can target your audience better. So ensure you’ve Google Analytics always, and consider using Google Tag Manager to make life that little bit easier for all your tagging.

Validate Code, valid code makes your site easier to read for search engines, and means it will render correctly in as many browsers as possible.

featured image via fabrizio on pexels