If you have RSI at any level then I want to share a little something with you, The Wrist Donut, a little device that will save you money, hassle and increase your work rate.

Recently I had my RSI flare up, mainly in my right hand and arm, though it has begun to spread. Now I know there are all sorts of reasons for RSI and never just one of them alone will cause it… so I am attempting to fix various other issues I have which may cause RSI. However I spend a heck of a lot of time in front of a computer each day (actually a few of them at the same time), this doesn’t change at the weekend when I am doing other work…

Anyway with this in mind I went about doing a search for these gel pads you can get for keyboard and mouse, but I’ve never really liked the look of them nor the real estate they would take up on my desks… and I wouldn’t need just one i’d need 7 or 8 … so this solution just wasn’t practical and I would guess a lot of webby people are in my situation. That said I should emphasise this would also be brilliant for the average office worker or telesales person who spent all day on data input or the likes.

I eventaully after a while came across the wrist donut … a simple band that cushions the wrist, effectively being a gel pad without the gel pad and you take it around with you so regardless of the machine your using it works perfectly!

Now I admit I’ve only had them a few days and that you can’t buy them as a pair (they are sold individually) and they look like swimming armbands for your wrist but all the same for around £20 for 2 (including shipping) this product is worth every penny. I am already feeling the difference and am able to type at almost full speed once again… without them my type rate more than halves.

I also want to add that the customer service from these guys really is second to none, I ordered one afternoon, posted first class recorded and it was here the next day at 9AM … seriously superb.

After posting this review I was contacted by the lady at wrist donuts and a few things were mentioned I want to share. For example, should you require a little more support in one area of your band than another the material inside can be manipulated by your fingers or my rubbing it down the edge of a desk (quite handy since my keyboard was still a tiny bit higher than the normal… works a treat). Next is something I realised when I was eating lunch but was also mentioned in the email is that you can use donut to exercise your hand and increasing strength in the hand and flexing your tendons a little.

I also want to add at this point that you can visit the official website and if you buy 2 donuts you will receive 10% off, oh and you can customise the donuts! So hope over and visit WristDonut.com and give them a try for yourself.