4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

It was a while ago I wrote my “cut the crap” review of FatJoe’s content writing and link building services, and I thought I’d share my experiences of another pretty cool services I use but have held back on writing about for sometime – The Hoth.


Let’s cut the crap, here is my review…

The Good

  • The Hoth has a huge array of services available to pick from, you could even outsource your entire SEO to them through their managed SEO services! However, the two best services for content are “blogger” where they write blogs for your site, and “guest post” where they will post on other peoples sites with really good domain authority. I’ve not been let down by these two services yet. Another cool service is the link building services (blitz and boost), they’re awesome. – you can find all their services on this product page.
  • Customer service is rock solid, i’ve not been left standing when asking a question of live chat or on email. Its answered quickly and often they can adapt to your way of working, though sometimes I must admit to pushing a little too far… I have many round pegs for square holes!
  • There is always a great offer available, and if there isn’t one today there will be next week (usually). Whether its 10% off in an email or 50% off across a certain type of solution for a whole month, The Hoth are really good at looking after those who sign up and use their services (even if its only once in a blue moon.
  • The links are high quality and tend to stick. I can’t say this of all services I use, which many tend to be a quick hit in the pan on a large scale site and worth it for traffic but don’t stay live for link, The Hoth has an ability to find good quality links which more often than not stick live for a good amount of time.

The Bad

  • Ordering, as with FatJoe, can feel clunky as hell – but I am yet to find a system where this isn’t the case.
  • Updates on link building are non-existent, you get a mass list at the end and this feels a little annoying but I understand the reasoning given the scale of the company The Hoth is. I just wish for my own client reporting it was “live” or more updated, as waiting a few days or a week for an all or nothing isn’t easy.

Overall, I would recommend The Hoth as a service, it is really good – but it does come with caveats, there are lots of services that I haven’t yet tried and not everything has ran smoothly everytime. But The Hoth is a great service and for me it gets 4.5 stars.