4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I have always been wary of services that offer copywriting and link building. Afterall link building which is paid for is not the cleanest of all things for an SEO, so when a company offers them together I am even more sceptical. FatJoe was a company I first discovered on a search of the web and then at a conference, I took them up on an offer an I can honestly say they are pretty good.


So here is my honest, cut the crap review:

The Good:

  • FatJoe is pretty damn quick at delivering copy and outreach work.
  • I’ve never been let down by the service and asked for an extension, nor had to go back for an amend (yet), and I’ve sent a lot of technical work!
  • FatJoe’s link building is outreach link building and local citations mainly, it’s not using PBN’s or anything spammy, its placing real links in real content with industry influencers. It’s a great way of getting links – even for lower DA sites!
  • It’s affordable (content writing starting at £15 and links from £35)! Ok, this isn’t the cheapest place you can buy content or links, but you don’t want cheap you want quality – don’t pay peanuts and get monkeys. Pay affordable and get great results.
  • The links they deliver are reliable. I’ve had over 100 in the last few months for many clients, in many industries, they stick and very few have been lost. The ones that have, have been lower DA to mix up the stack. (top tip: when buying links, even like this with influencers mix your keywords, ask for click here as a link or your url, don’t always go for keyword rich links!).
  • Customer services is top notch, any questions – they’re on it.
  • FatJoe also offers three free tools! FatRank (a chrome exstension to check a keyword ranking), a blog title generator (always handy) and a tool to help you embed an infographic you’ve found.


The Bad:

  • I can only think of one, it feels a little clunky at first. But its a matter of getting used to it.
    Remember the more info and detail you give the better the results (its always the case with copywriting and outreach services).
  • I wouldn’t put my very very technical copywriting into FatJoe (eg finance industry or medical), it just doesn’t feel like it would suit this, but almost everything else would.


I haven’t tried the press release or infographic services offered by FatJoe. But I have read other reviews and believe they are pretty good value, though I understand the infographic design service has some limitations (if you have any experience let me know).

Overall, I love FatJoe. I recommend the service and while it is a little clunky at times, it is swift and affordable.