How Brands Can Win Big With Laser-Targeted Social Media Campaigns

Social media strategies can help to build brand loyalty and numerous big-named businesses have taken advantage of these platforms to boost their overall marketing.
A laser-targeted, successful campaign can improve sales and increase website traffic. By bettering the interactivity level with your consumers, it will help to retain them and employ new prospective customers.

But how can brands win big with social media campaigns? A fruitful, effective technique is to utilise the ‘big four’ and these include Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The search engine giant Google can be used in social media marketing in terms of analytics and tracking but it can also be used as part of a social media campaign. Reports indicate that it can help to optimise content quickly; its hash tag and + features are valuable tools to engage with relevant communities.


Grow your business with the help of Facebook. Don’t wait for fans and friends to come to you; use the platform to go out and meet people. Be an active participant and build relationships- turn your friends into customers by sharing content. A Facebook page that is just self-promotional won’t succeed- share other people’s images, videos and statuses to build a community.


Twitter is a huge platform for social media; it has 140 million users worldwide and billions of tweets are published every day. This means there is a huge scope of possibilities but to stand out from the crowd you need to set yourself apart.

Engage with your consumers– get the brand noticed by responding to other people’s tweets and directly speaking to them

Retweet other people’s content– does someone mention your brand? Connect and retweet. Connect with big names on Twitter and try to retweet what they are saying.

Bookmark your own quality content– Content is king and readers want informative, unique high quality content. Share and retweet your content to become an authoritative industry source.

Know the buzz– keep up-to-date with the latest knowhow. What is going on, what are the hottest stories out there? These usually go viral so jump on board to generate the same type of buzz for your brand,

Know when the best time is to tweet– If your tweets are not going to be read and the content isn’t going to be optimised, don’t waste your time. Different industries and time zones have different targets.


LinkedIn is a great marketing channel; Google ranks the site and its profiles highly so you can improve your brand’s visibility. Connect with employees, executives and industry experts; solve people’s problems by interacting in the community; place text ads in front of the individuals whom you’d consider to be the most qualified prospects; and track leads as they move to new companies.

What is more, you can utilise the site to find high qualified future employees, and as well as profiles, list your products and services with links back to your website and YouTube videos. Clients can review your products/services too!

This article was written by Craig at Custard-media, a leading full-service digital media agency. You can speak to the experts to find out more information on social media strategies for your business today.