Guest Blogging for SEO Success – The DON’Ts

Guest blogging has been a great technique that has been used to help companies SEO attempts. It is by no means a recent discovery as an SEO tool, but as Google cracks down more and more on backlinking attempts from spammy websites, you have to look closer at your attempts in guest blogging to make sure that your article flows naturally, and more importantly, that your link doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. There are other tactics that you should make standard practice to make sure that you are get the best results for your efforts. Below is a short list of things to avoid when you are guest blogging to increase your company’s SEO efforts.

Don’t Force It

Guest Blogger - will work for linksThe day of slipping in out of place anchor text links is over. Google realizes when a link is out of place now by looking at surrounding text. This is the idea behind semantic search. For example, let’s say you want to build a link for This website clearly offers satellite television programming for DirecTV, so it’s probably best that it doesn’t come in the midst of an article about organic vegetable gardens. It’s best if this link comes in an article about television, television programming, entertainment, or anything else along those lines. That way Google can see that the link is sitting in a natural space, and you won’t get penalized for stuffing links where they don’t belong.

Don’t Repeat Links

A lot of times people think the more they can get a link on a webpage, the more link juice will get passed to the website they’re building for. This, however, is not a good tactic because you will look like a bot that is posting for SEO purposes. Not only does this hurt your chances of getting a post up, but if it does get posted, readers will see multiple links going to the same page, and will get the same impression it is a spammy article. This isn’t to say that you can’t go to the same domain, but only do so if you have specific references and different specific pages. Don’t keep dropping the same link to the homepage of a website for every reference.

Don’t Forget Grammar Rules

The internet has definitely created its own language, mainly with the use of letters and symbols to represent words and phrases. But when you are guest posting, take it seriously. The audience of the websites you want to post for, and the sites themselves, want professional content. This isn’t a casual Facebook post or tweet, so don’t fill your articles with LOLs, JKs, or and other string of nonsense used to replace formal language. Also, when you address the audience, “U” does not suffice in place of “you.” Beyond this, remember to look over your work before you submit. Not only do you not want to increase your chances to get posted, but if it slips by the moderator, you don’t want to attach your name to a poorly written piece.

These rules are simple and easy to follow. If you are interested in guest blogging for SEO success, than this is good way for you to write quality pieces for sites that will get accepted. Remember that natural writing always looks best, and while your goal is to get quality links in the body of the article, nothing ever replaces well-written content.

About the Author:
Jordan Mendys is a SEO Specialist and blogger based out of North Carolina, US. He is also a freelance photographer and social media enthusiast. @JPMendys