5 Best SEO Practices For 2012

With the escalating competition in the web arena, it has become more important than ever to improveyour SEO methodologies and take them to a higher level. The success of your website depends on
how well you portray it before search engines and target visitor. Although there is a need to adopt new
methods for upgrading your SEO practices, you need to ensure that the core strength of SEO, which is
content, should still remain the focus of your methods. Below given are five ways in which you can
take your website to the forefront of search engines ranks in 2012.

Analyze your target audience

One of the basics of search engine optimization is to continuously analyze your target audience base
and be sensitive to its changing requirements. Accordingly, you need to make changes in your web
content so as to make it appropriate to the need of the hour. Also, you need to have a good grip on the
age, gender, skills, income group, education levels and geographical location of your target visitors.
This will also help you provide content and services that are suitable to the readers. What is more, this
analysis has to be a continuous process and not an occasional function.

Build relevant links

In 2012 and in all the coming years, make a resolution to build only relevant links to your website.
You might have a thousand links flowing in and out of your site but unless they are relevant to your
web content, they are not of much use to you. Also, you need to focus on quality of the link. Having
hundred links of high page rank web pages gets you a lot more leverage than having thousand low page
rank links.

Make your website mobile-phone friendly

Times have changed and computers are not the sole source of internet access. Smart phones sell
like hot cakes because of the internet access that they provide. Most of the people who own smart
phones browse through their phones and so, if you want more visitors, you need to make your website
mobile friendly. Some of the things that you can incorporate in this regard are not using many images,
providing clear content, easy navigation, installing mobile plugins and using plain HTML/CSS instead
of Flash.

Link chains

If you have not tried it before, it is high time that you try it now. Link chain, as the name indicates, is
a chain of links between your websites and your blogs. So, when a visitor comes to one of your blogs,
he is directed to one of your other blogs and the chain continues. The same applies when search engine
spiders visit you as well. For better results, link the one ends of the chain to relevant websites that
enjoy a higher rank and higher traffic.

Keywords still rule

Keywords should be your focus. Research the latest and most effective keywords and ensure that they
are used with a 1% or 2% density in your web content. Too much of keyword usage is not appreciated
by visitors as well as search engines because the content fails to be satisfactorily informative.

About the Guest Author
Anita is an online SEO and marketing specialist who works for workmonk.com as work manager and
often writes on SEO/SEM and business marketing strategies regularly as guest blogger.