Affiliate Marketing is the Way Forward

As the internet continues to gain pace in terms of work, shopping and leisure, more and more companies and businesses are discovering the ongoing benefits of signing up to affiliate marketing management programmes. These schemes work in different ways but typically site visitors are encouraged to visit other sites or to view ads by clicking on website links. Each click is paid for by the advertiser in the hope that a proportion of clicks will result in a sale, or some kind of commitment to buy, visit or take up an offer, on the part of the site visitor.
Affiliate Marketing is the Way ForwardAffiliate marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to draw customers to a site or to inform people of new services and goods. A lot of companies have very limited marketing and advertising budgets, especially start-ups or companies that are run by one or two people on a tight budget. As such, affiliate marketing management can provide a cheap and efficient way to drive traffic to a site, with the cost representing real value. This kind of advertising only targets people who are actually interested in the company or product being advertised as they physically have to choose to click on a link and visit the site. In return, the advertiser only pays for those clicks that people make – meaning they’re only paying for actual clicks. Obviously, links that are more targeted will generate a greater return. For example, links to sports retailers on sports-themed sites will be targeting an already rapt audience.

Companies interested in affiliate advertising often work with marketing agency in UK to set up specific marketing strategies for their particular product or service. This could range from pay-per-click advertising to targeted articles and blog posts that offer value to the reader, as well as advertising opportunities for the company. There are different ways in which payment is calculated and there may well be different rates for clicks or page impressions at different times of the day and on different days of the week. Web traffic varies greatly and the value of page clicks can also vary a great deal throughout the day.

Large and small companies use this type of online advertising as the costs can easily be kept in check and the feedback and information gained is a lot more accurate than that of traditional advertising methods. For example, it is difficult to quantify exactly how many people respond directly to a newspaper advertisement whereas online is real-time and it’s easy to find out how many direct clicks people have made, where those advertisements originated, which county people have visited the site from etc. This information can then be used to hone advertising, and to carefully choose which sites to include affiliate links on. Whilst it can be a case of trial and error, there’s a lot more scope for a targeted and effective advertising campaign this way, and with some instant results in many cases.

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Biljana Dimovska is a SEO Manager at Cayenne Red, digital marketing agency UK based, a writer and a blogger on online marketing topics related to business enhancement using internet marketing tools and knowledge.