5 Web Design Tips to Help Double Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are one of the big metrics that those in the online world monitor. And for many who rely on websites as their business model, then it can matter even more. In general, a conversion rate is basically just the percentage of people who click or buy something on your site from the percentage of visitors.
Now, for some, if they are selling a product, then it’s the percentage of people who actually purchase the product that really counts, but you can be able to investigate some issues if, for example, you have a lot of people clicking to the sales page, but not buying. In this case, you have a conversion rate problem.

So, here are 5 tips to help you increase your conversion rate:

Have great copy

Original and worthwhile content is a must if you expect the reader to continue visiting your site. Great copy will essentially cause your bounce rate to fall thus increasing the over conversion rate of your site.

Make the site easy to navigate

It is important to keep your navigation simple by placing it where people expect it to be on the site. Placing the site map in a place that the visitor wouldn’t expect will most likely result in a high bounce rate. Keeping the navigation titles short and concise is also important as it makes them easier to read.

Don’t use scams to sell people

Scams are a big turn off and will quickly result in the visitor leaving the site.

Provide something of value

What will you give the user in exchange for their contact information? A weekly newsletter, A call for a sales rep? Whatever it may be, it needs to be something of value to your prospects. The greater the value, the higher the conversion rate will be.

Make the buy button very clear

Psychology plays an important part in the buyer’s decision to purchase a product. A clear buy button will always have a positive impact and have a much greater conversion rate compared to a button that is hidden or hard to find. Secure payment is also a term that provides peace of mind to the buyer. A positive buying process will help increase your sites conversion rate.

In terms of design, it is really important to make your site easy to read, and clear to follow. You don’t need fancy designs if you have great copy which is going to sell your product and a strong call to action. Always make sure it is very clear what you want potential customers to do. Make sure the site is very simple to navigate and you will certainly make more sales.

Also, those with the best conversion rates online are those that are selling quality products and providing value to their customers. If you lie or use underhanded techniques to make a sale, then your business won’t be in business very long.

Customers will more often than not, purchase again and again from people they trust, if you provide a great product and can find an interesting and creative way to tell people about it, then you are going to be far more successful, because people will come back for more.

Each of these tips will end up helping you raise your conversion rate, once you combine them, then your site should start bringing in a lot more clicks and purchase in no time.

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