I am not one of these folks who is above asking for help and support. This article isn’t my normal type of post, it’s a real ask for help, but it’s not about asking for votes for SEO Andy or anything like that. This article is asking you to help a homeless organisation that really makes a difference.

 The Crafty Girls of Hyde Charity Calendar 2017

The Crafty Girls of Hyde Charity Calendar 2017

What’s In It For SEO Andy Readers?

If you are cynical about this kind of thing, don’t be. All profit from the project go to Infinity Initiatives, volunteers gave their time for the entire project including myself, and 30 local sponsors paid for printing. 

If you can dig a little into your pocket to buy a calendar (uk only shipping sorry) or make a donation (anywhere in the world), I’d be really thankful. In return my want, having built the website, designed the calendar and been part of the entire process, is to bring you a guide to making it happen yourself and also reaching out to those who really matter that can make a difference in a project like this. 

Who Does The Project Support?

This calendar project is directly supporting Infinity Initiatives, a local non-profit which works with those who are homeless and those who are at risk of becoming homeless. These people can be anyone from veterans and 20 year old gentlemen to family groups who are simply struggling to make the rent due to tightening finances.

Infinity are an amazing organisation and one that does fantastic work. They aren’t like most organisations in that they will work with anyone, for as long as is needed. They have a small but well oiled machine and operate out of a tiny base, but have a simply massive impact. 

How You Can Support The Project

As I’ve mentioned you can buy a calendar if you wish, though we only ship to the UK just now.

You can also make a donation directly via our website too.

We are also looking for support in the form of tweets of links to the website, talking about us and linking to us on your own website and blogs etc. We really want to make an impact, so if you’ve got some influence, please help spread the word.

Our url is https://HydeCalendars.com
he calendar costs just £7.50