SEO is a complex task and various companies can take advantage of it in various ways. However, no matter what type of SEO you’re specialising in, or what brand or company you’re trying to get to the top of search engine results, everyone practicing SEO will find themselves with one main thing in common – the majority of their work takes place online.

Of course, the rise of the internet, the increased availability of technology and the increasing popularity of E-Commerce can all be good things. At the end of the day, they supply us with the work we are making a living from! But you also need to be vigilant when you’re spending a lot of your working life online.

The internet poses a number of threats to anyone who’s using it – whether for personal reasons or professional reasons. We all have images and reputation we want to uphold and we could all be significantly impacted by issues such as online identity theft and posts put out falsely in our name. But when you specialise in SEO, your professional reputation is at stake too. Chances are you’re dealing with a lot of clients’ private data and cyber attacks can result in breaches of data protection and reduced trust in you and your services.

There are, luckily, plenty of measures you can implement to reduce your vulnerability to cyber attacks. The infographic below will be able to familiarise you with the basics, so take a moment to have a look through it. You’ll be a safer and more secure professional for your efforts!

reducing vulnerabilty to cyber attacks for seo
Inforgaphic by Norwich University