There are plenty of things that contribute to building a successful company. You’ll need to have a strong idea, a strategy for reaching the top, and a team of employees to help you to bring your ideas to life. It’s important to remember, however, that these aspects of your business success shouldn’t be treated independently from one another — they should overlap and speak to one another. For example, your employees will need to fully understand your business strategy if it’s going to reach its full potential. 

Alas, this isn’t something that the majority of companies get to experience. Across the United States, it’s estimated that more than 30% of employees feel engaged with their work — and that number plummets to 8% when it comes to the staff who feel highly engaged. While there are many factors that contribute to staff engagement, perhaps the most important aspect is whether the people in charge can be considered open communicators.

As such, the ability to communicate is highly influential, and may even be underrated by leaders. If you want your business strategy to succeed, then your staff need to know what it is and what’s expected of them. There are multiple steps for doing this, the first of which is to determine what your staff currently understand. From there, it’s about figuring out actionable steps that’ll lead to better strategy implementation, and ensuring that they understand — and believe in — the company’s core values.

To learn more about this idea, take a look at the infographic outlined below.

communicating with staff for business success in 2020

Infographic by University of Southern California