Body Language – A Secret of Selling?

You will all of heard of how body language can affect things like the outcome of an interview or meeting, but did you realise that actually its not just what happens in that meeting that can be affected – but also what happens beyond that meeting. Some of the statistics for memory in the infographic are really interesting and show that actually body language can really aid your sales technique in person.
It’s worth noting that this infographic isn’t what I’d normally post about, however I wanted to demonstrate that it is not simply what you say (or read) that is remembered – it’s your overall impact that will mean you are what is recalled to mind for a subject. By understand a little more about body language you can begin to understand why certain design aspects and calls to action online can aid your sales today AND tomorrow. – We’ll be covering more about that in a forthcoming post.

learn body langauge for web design and marketing
Infographic by Gengo a professional translation service.
Header image of studyng body language by j. vernon