Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

Following feedback on my recent post about How to use Pinterest for Brand Marketing, my friends at Saddleworth Creative Network told me they wanted to know more about Twitter how they can begin to use it for business growth.
Twitter have a massive userbase across the globe. It comprises of all kinds of people, men women, adult child, artists zoo keepeers and many more! As such a common question is can Twitter be utilised as a marketing tool for a given product or service?

I think the title of this post answers that, yes of course twitter can be used for marketing. Indeed, Twitter is one of the best marketing tools on the market today, from simple exposure of a product to direct selling – Twitter is Amazing for Marketing.

Although there are many ways to use twitter optimally I want to today concentrate on just 5 techniques for getting to most from Twitter as a platform for communication. These ideas are based on an assumption that you have completed your account description, have a good handle, have a brand-led profile image, have your web link in the profile and have a background that is consistant with your brand. For an example of this see my own account and compare its design to

<h4><span style="color: #008000;"><strong>Follow Your Idols, Friends and Similars</strong></span>

When you start on twitter you will be a blank canvas. Twitter will say follow these celebs, don’t bother, search for other artists if you are an artist, other designers if you design etc – follow your friends and idols. These are folk you are likely to get some kind of conversation with, speaking of which…

Start Conversations 
Once you’ve followed people, and hopefully you may get a few follows back – start a conversation. Talk about what you are doing, why you are on twitter … ask for advice on getting started from others you follow. If you are a crafter there are hundred of crafters and artists online, they maybe in the same niche market as you but most are in another area and therefore will be only too happy to help you get going. Twitter is a friendly place where businesses help one another. Give value to your readers and followers by engaging with them. The more you talk with people the more people will talk back and the larger your audience will grow … people follow others based on conversations they have.
Tip: do not self promote intently at this point, twitter is about creating conversations, from this comes promotion in time but it should not be forced.

Connect Using Media
Twitter is fantastic at sharing media. For instance you can post images and video, audio and text – all the key media in one place. Ok you may have to use an extra service like youtube or twitpic as a connector service but having media on your account (say a half finished piece you are working on for a new exhibition) can be a talking point. You talk about it, others will ask about it and share it. Media has a way of connecting with people beyond simple text, it lives longer in a memory and so can reinforce you and your brand.

Promote Your Business
Having just given you 3 steps to promoting yourself using twitter this is a bit of an odd title you may think. But here is what you are up against, some 75% of accounts on twitter are in some way a business account, a tiny proportion of them talk to others and and the rest just straight promote or link out and tend to be seen as spambots. The good thing is that because there are so many you can promote your business with links, pictures and videos and talk about your brand without fear of it being too spammy and annoying. So do it! Talk about your industry, ask for feedback, ask for questions and ideas. By doing this you can begin to establish yourself as an authority in a market and niche – your followers will grow and so will the conversations.

Enjoy Yourself
Promotion on Twitter is like no other. Your account should not just be business, though some would advise it is, your account should be a person who can talk and communicate, engagement is what twitter is about. It is your job to engage, and away from business you have a life, talk about it… when it’s friday show your relief for friday being the end of the week. On a monday if you have the monday blues talk about it. Mid week talk about the weekend. Show what you are doing, if you go to an exhibit that you love talk about it and show pictures, engage with your community.

If you have any comments on these tips or would like to share your own tips leave a comment below. 🙂

And don’t forge to tweet me 😛 @andykinsey