So recently, for the first time in a few years, I took a “real” holiday – not a weekend away or a few days in London (actually working)… it was a great break. I got back yesterday, today the post man arrived with a brown paper wrapped object… a little odd given that I wasn’t expecting anything at all today.
I opened it and saw my name on an envelope, there was also two objects wrapped in purple paper… fear and excitement filled me, what on earth was this.

I opened the letter to find a letter from Danielle, a ‘Magic Maker’ from Late Rooms, the company I’d booked my hotel with. I couldn’t help but feel at this point that not only was this going to be amazing, but Danielle had really took the time to look at what I love in life. (you can see the letter in the featured image of this post).

I opened the packages, now excited to see what Danielle had packaged up for me; 2 lovely bags of coffee from RoastWorks Coffee Co., a coffee company in Devon (where I had been on holiday) and a MyCuppaCoffee mug (a colour guide mug to coffee).

So it’s clear Danielle did some cool minor stalking, maybe found my Subscription Coffee Review website < either way she found out I love coffee.

But Why Am I Writing About It Here?

The power of a story behind a brand is something we’ve talked about before, a part of that for LateRooms is the ‘Magic Makers’ – they seem to pick a few lucky folk at random, find out what they love and send them a gift.

It’s a “little thank you” for your custom, a chance for them to add some magic to your day and holiday.

I did a little research and found a few more examples of the ‘Magic Makers’ at work.

The Pug Dog thing… seriously you can get pug dog everything…


Letting shoppers shop to their hearts content…


Magic for Travellers


If you’ve had a ‘Magic Makers’ experience please leave a comment below and let us know!