Social media has emerged as a powerful medium for businesses to connect with their target audience. There are many platforms are being used to spread brand awareness like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram – all of them used by brands large and small to connect with potential customers.
Facebook has already become a social media giant and every small and big brand is using this platform to build a solid user base. A Picture is worth a million words and this is absolutely true for image sharing sites like Instagram. The snapshots of the new products are shared on Instagram and this really helps in marketing the same. In short we can say that in this age of digital marketing it is very important to make social media part of your brand strategy.

“A Picture is worth a million words”

Businesses are using different strategies to increase engagement on social media. Few strategies they follow are:

1. Share Industry News

Brands occasionally share news about the new trends in industry. They connect with the people by providing them interesting information and news.

2. Events and Quizzes

Famous brands organize events on social media platforms and majority of the fans not only take part in them but also share the same through their profiles. This way they spread brand awareness as well as inform their fans about the latest happening at the company HQ.

3. Share Visual Content

Videos and images play crucial role in overall marketing mix. Breathtaking images get thousands of likes and shares across different platforms. Social media channels are continuously adding new functionalities and the marketing teams working at these brands are utilizing all these new things by creating interesting content pieces, videos and images. Talking about the visual content how can we forget about Instagram, one of the most popular platforms of digital media. If you are on Instagram you must be aware of the fact that how important it is to use hash-tags in order to be connected with the people of same choice or to reach out to the customers of your niche. Close to 13% of the users on internet are using Instagram regularly.

Today most of the brands have a strong presence on Instagram. Talking about the brands here is the list of some of the most popular brands on Instagram.

1. National Geographic
2. Nike
3. Victoria’s Secret
4. 9Gag
5. GoPro
6. Taylor Swift

This infographic, created by KOL Limited, revolves around the history of Instagram and how it has evolved over the years. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.

If you still do not have an account on Instagram you are missing a lot of your potential customers. Therefore create an account on Instagram and start sharing your visual content. You can easily achieve a good follower base on this platform.

Instagram Facts