Branding in Action: Kulula

fun brands play gamesOne of the things I like to do, is to watch out for brands which are great. Not because they are well know, but rather because they have fun and make you smile.

One of the best brands for this is of course Virgin, each time virgin launch a new part of their company there is some whacky stunt – such as Richard Branson running around the streets naked. Anyway…

For a few week’s I’d been looking at airlines and the type of things they do. Most are boring, but some have fun – at Christmas they may have a Santa painted on the cone but that’s about it. So today when I stumbled across Kulula, I was excited. This is a brand which is engaging, fun and most of all makes you smile. With that in mind I want to share a few more pictures with you of their planes!

Above of course is their Movember plane – don’t forget to sponsor me this Movember.

where does the captain sit again

your black box is orange

design an aeroplane

theres no hiding your brand

the plane goes upside down?

make your brand stand out

Thanks to for allowing use of these pictures.